About Me

I am not a software engineer by training. I was trained in Building and Property management in school but the trade never resonate with me. However right out of school, I joined a construction company as sales executive for private residential and commercial properties renovation projects. Never regretted the 5 years I was in the trade as I learnt many business skills which led me to where i am today. I was always interested in automation. Called me lazy but I always thought there are better and more efficient ways of achieving productivity. This leads me to software programming.

Like everyone else that picks up software engineering at a later stage in their career, I struggled to understand the concept. I had the benefit of a good career to back my quest to code. The good thing is that I was never at the career switching point when i picked up coding as I find it is near impossible to juggle that situation. The learning curve was pretty steep initially and most get discourage quickly. Trust me i went through many many times. But I wasn't trying to get into coding to make ends meet. I was trying to make my job much easier... (again laziness). All the available technologies, syntax, tech jargon, documentations, online courses didn't make things simpler for newbie. They are just the many layers of walls to get across. I realized the most important thing after a few years of climbing all those walls is understanding the purpose of software engineering.

What intrigue me was that software are created out of lines and lines of code. From young, we were taught that manufacturing produces something out of raw materials. It never don to me that software is indeed a product. And it is a wonderful product that help save so much time. It was this realization that switch my mindset around and make me see that the users don't see the underlying technologies of software. All they know is if the software is helping their work and tasks. They cares about ease of use and visual appeals of the software. Who cares what state of the art technology stacks were used to built their software. They just want to know if when they need a change of colors of the font, how long it takes for their developer (or IT as they called them) can do it. With this understanding, i go on to create many software that were adopted by my own businesses in everyday operations. Forward to today, a few of my software were now used by companies with annual revenue many times more than mine.

To know more about what i do, read through my blogs as I document my works to share to those that are trying to solve a problem they face.

Personal life: I am married to the loveliest wife and father of 2 boys. I like all things tech and gadgets. Used to be the biggest Apple fan but these days i lean towards the better solution available. When i was much younger, i was much more adventurous. I am a PADI certified scuba instructor and was an avid motor-crossing rider. Now i pretty much retreat into the less dangerous sport like gym, running and an occasional golf. In my other life, I help out the community as much as i can. I am a volunteer in the grassroots movement to create awareness for community bonding and social interaction among the Singaporeans. I was conferred the National Day award, Pingkat Bakti Masyarakat, PBM by the president of Singapore in 2019. And I also actively helped out at Meet the People session, where I render assistance to fellow Singaporeans for their problems with government agencies and private companies.

I use this website to broadcast my knowledge on how technologies can helped businesses and individuals. I also welcome other like minded people that are much more technically trained than me to comment and contribute to this platforms.

Fast forward 15 years, I am still not a software engineer. I just like solving problems efficiently.