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On this website, I share information about how digitalisation is affecting Small Medium Enterprises in Singapore. Many of the challenges they faced and what are the available solutions in the market. I also talked about my experiences and discuss valuable information on how to go about your company's digitalisation process.

Digitalisation challenges faced by Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore

In Singapore SMEs are companies that have an annual turnover of less than S$100 million or employed less than 200 employees. I further breakdown by classifying S$10 ~ S$50 million as small enterprises and less than S$10 million as micro enterprises. Some of these small and micro enterprises are in niche markets that are extremely profitable and many run by family members. These companies typically find it difficult to embark into digitalisation due the challenge to employ in house software trained staff to manage their digitalisation process. These days, professional software engineers are spoilt for choices as they are in high demand. Both the big tech companies and government agencies are snapping up these professionals due to the demand in technology advancement. Most of these small and micro companies have to get off the shelf products and unwilling to move forward to more advanced technologies as they do not have the expertise to evaluate and justify the cost of digitalisation. These companies are losing out in the race to advance their businesses due to this hurdle.

Purpose and Mission

In my course of work, I find many SMEs trapped in the above vicious cycle of knowing the importance of digitalisation but hindered by many obstacles that prevented them to move ahead. Some more daring SME bosses tried, a few succeeded and benefitted greatly however many tripped and halt their digitalisation processes with the impression that digitalisation are only for the medium or big organisations. I hope I can share more here and help these companies progress.

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